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In the field of mechanical manufacture, the numerical control indicates l' together materials and software

having for function to give the instructions of movements to all the bodies d' a machine tool: l' tool (or tools)

d' machining equipping the machine, the bodies where the parts are fixed, systems of storing and change

d' tool, devices of change of part, related mechanisms, for control or safety, l' chip disposal, etc The specialized

machine tools (reamer-drilling machines, milling machines) with numerical control evolved/moved in centers

d' machining with numerical control allowing d' to machine complex forms without disassembling of the part.

These centers d' machining are generally equipped with stores d' tools (turrets, tables, chains) on which the

various tools are laid out. The changes d' tools equipping to it (or them) head (S) d' machining are programmed

according to the numerical definition of the part. On these definitions must then be calculated courses d' tool by

means of software of FAO. These courses will be then translated in a comprehensible language by the

“numerical control”. FATCAM TEAM presents software FATCAM {to you a software cadcam not commerciel}.

FATCAM and the fruit D an experiment of more than 7 years in the field of the CNC a version FATCAM alpha

with source codes {for amateur of the CNC, programmer, student} is available for a price symbolic system

of 49 euro only .hors one almost never finds the source code under Windows D a program in particular in ledomaine

of the cad and camwood this version enables you to include/understand, modify, devloper, your own software cadcam,

simple solutions and routines has to include/understand and has to manage with visual BASIC 6

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